The Smart Sleep Sensor FAQs

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The Smart Sleep Sensor

How do I set up the sensor?

Before setting up your sensor, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is activated. Open the app, tap “More”, choose “Smart Sleep Sensor”, and then “Set up a new sensor”. Then, follow the instructions provided by the app.

When setting up a new replacement sensor, the old sensor will be permanently disconnected and can be discarded appropriately.

set up the sensor

How do I use the sensor?

To use the sensor, make sure it is set up and paired with your app (see “How do I set up the sensor?”). Attach the sensor on the dotted line of your Lumi by Pampers diaper. At each change of diaper, peel the sensor off, and place it on the next diaper. The app will notify you when the sensor battery runs low. Keep the sensor clean by wiping it with a damp cloth, baby wipe, or alcohol wipe regularly.

set up the sensor

Does the sleep sensor only work with special diapers?

Yes, the sleep sensor will only work with Lumi by Pampers diapers. Based on swaddlers, the number 1 choice of hospitals, Lumi By Pampers diapers are enhanced with a secure attachment zone to keep the sensor in place.

The reusable sleep sensor is simply attached with each diaper change. The battery of a sensor lasts about 3 months and is not rechargeable.

The lights on the back of the sensor are flashing. Is anything wrong?

This is normal; this means the sensor is working. The light level is extremely low and poses no risk.

Can I turn the sensor off?

If the sensor isn’t set up within 30 seconds of being turned on, it will automatically turn off to save battery. Once you’ve set it up, it can no longer be turned off.

How do I clean and take care of my Lumi by Pampers Sleep Sensor?

Clean the sensor with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball, a damp cloth, baby wipe or alcohol wipe regularly, but be sure to never submerge it in water. It is important that the clear windows on the back of the sensor are free from dirt to enable it to function well.

How far can the sensor be and still remain connected to my phone?

The sensor uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect with your phone. BLE connectivity range depends on the construction of your home (distance, materials used, etc.). For most homes, the range should reach to at least the next room.

How long does the battery last? How will I know if the battery is out?

The battery lasts for up to 90 days. To know if the sensor is still working, look for the flashing lights at the back of the sensor. If you see flashing lights, the sensor is still working. If you do not see flashing lights, the battery has run out and it’s time to replace the sensor. Note: Battery is non-replaceable and non-rechargeable. Do not attempt to open the product.

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Is it safe to have a connected device on my baby?

Lumi by Pampers™ is completely safe for use with babies. The Lumi sensor features ultra-low energy, meaning that 1 year of use releases less energy than a 1-minute smart phone call.

We applied a rigorous, systematic and scientific evaluation to Lumi, including vetting it with external baby development experts. Lumi passed with flying colors, meeting and often exceeding safety regulations in the USA.

Lumi by Pampers™ is the first and only JPMA certified baby care smart sleep sensor with monitor system that meets their highest standards for safety, performance and functionality.

Where do I buy a replacement sensor?

You can buy replacement sensors by visiting Lumi by Pampers, or through your preferred retailer (Amazon, Target, Walmart).

As a monthly diaper subscriber, you’ll get 3 additional sensors throughout the year: on the 3rd, 7th, and 10th

month’s delivery (along with diapers that come every month).

How do I replace/set up the sensor once the battery has run out?

The app will notify you when the sensor battery runs low.

If you subscribe to Lumi by Pampers diapers, you'll receive free sensor replenishments with your 3rd, 7th, and 10th month’s diaper delivery. Otherwise, you can buy replacement sensors by visiting Lumi by Pampers, or through your preferred retailer (Amazon, Target, Walmart).

Set up your new sensor by tapping “More”, then “Sleep Sensor”, and choosing “Set up a new sleep sensor”. You will have to disconnect the current sensor if it is still connected to your app.

When setting up your new sensor, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is activated. Press and hold the heart icon on the sensor. You’ll see a green blinking light which will become a solid green light. At this point, your sensor is paired and ready to place on your Lumi diaper.

Can the smart sleep sensor store data when it’s not connected to my phone?

Yes, the sensor can store up to 12 hours of data and will update the app once your phone is back in Bluetooth range.

Can the sensor track sleep when my baby’s in a moving apparatus like a stroller or a car?

Not all the time. The sensor tracks sleep using your baby’s movement patterns, so the stroller or car does not enable the sensor to work consistently.

Other cautionary information