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I Like Having the Data at My Fingertips



mom of Anna

January 13, 2021

Alejandra shares her experience with Lumi and her daughter Anna

The visuals on the app help me know what to anticipate.

I love being able to track when I last nursed or fed my baby, and I also appreciate how much time the sensor saves me over the course of a day – while helping me prevent diaper rash.

I was surprised, once I started tracking feeding quantities, to see that she is eating many more ounces than I thought when I wasn’t tracking her food intake. We’re averaging 9-10 feedings a day now, which I should be able to decrease by giving her more ounces per feeding. This can help get into a rhythm and establish her routine. I like having the data at my fingertips – so much better than the pen and paper they gave me at the hospital! The visuals on the app help me know what to anticipate; even if we get off schedule, I can make adjustments based on previous days.

As a parent, I want to know as soon as possible when a diaper is wet, and that can lead to lots of checking on the baby – and lots of false alarms. All of that checking takes time, and it also risks waking a sleeping baby. And let’s be honest – just because a baby outfit is super-cute, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to loosen or remove to check a diaper! The sensor, combined with the app, lets me know by glancing at my phone when my baby needs a diaper change. It may not seem like a big time-saver, but those diaper-checks add up; I love that Lumi gives me back a little time in my busy day.

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