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Mom of Joshua

The Automatic Sleep Tracking is my Favorite

Amy - mom of Joshua

I am more aware of what Joshua is up to and what he needs.

I’m honestly shocked at how easily and quickly Lumi has not only become part of our routine, but something we depend on to simplify our day to day. I have to say, the sleep tracking is my favorite. I love looking back at the night before each morning to see how he is doing, and the fact that it maps it out week by week helps me keep an eye on how well we are doing at settling into a routine.
Joshua’s grandparents help us out a couple of days a week and being able to check in on how his day is going is not only comforting for me, but helps me prepare for the evening ahead (like if his naps haven’t gone well I know bed time might be a bit of a grumpy one).
The camera is amazing, and so accessible on my phone. I’ve even taken to watching Joshua’s Dad put him to bed and screenshot those precious moments as memories to keep cherish.
Lumi has made us more aware of what Joshua is up to and what he needs, I can’t imagine life without it!

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