The Feeding Timer Makes Me Happy

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The Feeding Timer Makes Me Happy



mom of Trinity

January 13, 2021

Lumi's feeding timer makes Tracey happy

I like seeing all the information on one screen.

The Lumi app is so very helpful in tracking my baby's feeding, diapering, and sleeping! I can easily track feedings, whether nursing, on the left or right side, or a bottle. And I can quickly review the number of diapers used and hours slept because the sensor does it all for me and relays it back to the app on my phone. This takes some of the stress away, especially when I’m having a "mom brain moment."

The feeding timer makes me happy – I have been using Lumi to track feedings, and I like seeing all the information on one screen. This technology is a blessing because while tracking can be done on paper, the old school way, this system saves time and helps busy parents stay organized – whether it’s for their first kid, or their fifth. I love having the help that the Lumi system provides.

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