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July 31, 2020

Improved baby sleep with Lumi

Beyond keeping them dry through the night, we wondered: how can we do more to support babies’ daily development? So we partnered with Verily and Logitech to create Lumi by Pampers - the world’s first Smart Baby Monitor + Sleep Kit Bundle that’s revolutionizing baby monitoring by helping parents monitor and track their baby 24/7.

The fastest rate of brain development happens between birth and age three. Fascinatingly, most of that happens while babies sleep. So Pampers got to thinking… how can we do more for baby’s sleep in addition to keeping them dry through the night?

What if we started with what we do best- diapers, and added the latest in tracking and monitoring technology? Could that help parents understand their babies’ patterns and create a routine that enables nourishing sleep? That’s how Lumi by Pampers was born.

Lumi by Pampers is the world’s first Smart Baby Monitor + Sleep Kit Bundle that helps parents track day-to-day developments, and monitor their baby, 24/7, so they can see emerging patterns and establish a suitable routine. Revolutionizing baby monitoring and helping you go beyond just sight to true insight.

60 years ago Pampers re-invented baby care with disposable diapers and now, we are on a purpose-inspired mission to do so again.

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