The Lumi System Replaced Several Other Apps

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The Lumi System Replaced Several Other Apps



dad of Bayleigh

January 13, 2021

Mark uses the Lumi baby app with his child, Bayleigh

The Lumi System is a one-stop-shop.

The Lumi app, sensor, and camera are among the best we’ve come across – they are easy to use and maneuver within the app. Before we tried Lumi, we were tracking diapers, feedings, and naps with a pocket nanny device and other apps my wife downloaded. This system is an easy one-stop-shop that replaces those multiple apps while helping us monitor our baby’s growth and development. And it has the added bonus of the activity sensor, which automatically tracks sleeps and tells us when the baby needs changed.

The app is easy to read and use – it provides you with helpful information about what your baby might be going through as far as sleep, feedings, and diapers. The “Today at a Glance” feature has been great – it’s a quick and easy outlook on the day – and we liked getting our baby’s personalized Insights.

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