We Love That We Can Track Our Son's Sleep

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We Love That We Can See How Long Our Son Sleeps



mom of Brooks

January 13, 2021

Samantha shared her experience tracking her son Brooks' sleeping habits

We heavily rely on Lumi for tracking our baby’s sleep.

In the beginning, we were writing everything down in notes on our phones. Now, since we started using the Lumi system, we don’t have to. While Lumi helps parents track several important areas of their baby’s development, we rely most heavily on the sleep tracking function – we love knowing how long he slept and when he was awake in a given time period.

The ability to track his sleep patterns helps us know when he takes naps and when he goes down for bedtime – and that has helped us to see his sleep patterns as he’s grown from newborn to six months old. With the sleep tracking function, Lumi gives us a much better picture of our son’s sleeping habits than we ever got by keeping notes on our phones. And that helps us ensure that even with our constantly changing family schedule we can use Lumi’s tracking information to be sure that he’s getting the sleep that he needs!

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