Now that you're a new mom, you want to devote your precious time and energy to keeping your baby healthy and happy — NOT to endlessly scrubbing and tidying the kitchen. The good news is that in just 30 minutes, you can whip this room into shape. Before you know it, you'll have an inviting and hygienic place to prepare meals and feed your family — the dirt and mess will be gone, and so will all your worries. Read on for this handy guide to a 30-minute kitchen cleanup.

Food Hygiene: 20 Minutes

Focus first on the most food storage and preparation areas — your refrigerator and countertops.

Remove all the food, shelves, and drawers from your fridge. Shelves and drawers can get messy — from food falling out of opened packages or dribbles from sauce bottles — but are easy to wipe down with warm water and all-purpose liquid cleaner or some household vinegar.

When everything's shiny clean and dry, you can put the food back in, checking expiration dates and tossing old items as you go along. You may want to rearrange things so the ingredients you use most are at the front of the shelves and drawers. If your freezer is beginning to look like the Arctic, set aside another time to make defrosting it a priority rather than doing it now.

On to the countertops: Take everything off (including jars and cutting boards) so you can really clean all the way to the backsplash. On a day-to-day basis, we tend to just wipe away the debris of food preparation, but messes stay hiding in every corner!

Adding Sparkle: 10 Minutes Most ovens these days have a 30-minute self-cleaning function built-in. Use it! And while that's working for you, give the kitchen windows a wipe, too — grease in the air can make the inside of the windows a bit grubby without you even realizing it.

Last but not least, tackle your sink. A quick squirt of cleaning spray is all it takes. Don't forget to scrub around the faucet!