Magazine Subscription:100+ Choices
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Magazine Subscription:100+ Choices

Each Magazine Gold Card code is redeemable for one full physical magazine subscription. Choose from an impressive, 100+ list of well-known leading magazines covering the worlds of parenting, health, cooking, sports, fashion, travel, fitness, science, personal finance and literature.
Instructions: Make your magazine choice by clicking the "Select Magazine" button. Each valid code is good for one print edition subscription. Choose a new magazine, renew an existing subscription or gift a subscription to be delivered to any United States mailing address. Check back at a later date for new magazine options which may be added to the selection. By selecting a magazine, your subscription will be paid in full. No extra charges of any kind, ever. No credit card required or requested. Your subscription order will never be auto-renewed. For more information and a list of available magazine titles go to Magazine Gold Card.

**Upon redemption, you will receive a digital code via email valid for one subscription. You will need this code to activate your subscription at the magazine editions site.