Flying With a Baby

Flying With a Baby

With a little preparation, air travel with your baby can be a pleasant adventure for the whole family. These tips for baby travel will ensure that those first few outings go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Ask for help. If you’re traveling alone, definitely ask for assistance. Accept offers from the staff or other travelers to help with loading strollers and luggage into the overhead compartment.
  2. Keep calm and do your best. You have a lot to handle, from getting checked in and going through security to soothing your baby on the trip. As long as you stay cool, your baby will be more likely to do the same.
  3. Do what you have to do. You may need to change things up to help your baby get through his travel experience. Try singing a new song or breaking out a toy he hasn’t seen in a while.
  4. Pack carefully. You can never go wrong packing extra diapers. Other key essentials include a diaper changing pad, a blanket, favorite toys, extra formula or baby food, pacifiers, extra clothes, plastic bags for dirty diapers, and baby wipes. Keep in mind that you’ll be carrying everything you pack.
  5. Nurse on the plane. While it’s sometimes tricky to breast-feed in such a small space, your baby needs to eat. Nursing will also help soothe her if she’s cranky or if her ears hurt from the cabin pressure.
  6. Change your baby’s diaper before boarding. The plane bathrooms are tiny. Even with a fold-down changing table, you may find it uncomfortable to change your baby there.

From take-off to landing, managing your baby on a plane isn’t all that difficult with some planning and preparation in place. Bon voyage!


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ear pressure?

Jae Em 5/20/2016
Will be flying with baby (who will be 7 months) in 2 months. Does anyone have tips on how to minimize the air pressure in the ears? I worry my child will be crying her ears off

New toy

anna 5/13/2016
It helps to get a small new toy to entertain baby on the plane. I get two, one for the trip there and another on the way back. I also like the ones with suction base so it doesn't fall to the ground.


Jen 5/5/2016
Don't board the plane until you have to. They say for young children to go first but it's better when they aren't confined for long periods of time.


good information

Another tip

great tips! Sometimes attempting to keep the middle seat open is helpful. Allows baby more room to lay down or play

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