Toddler Activities: Toddler games and types of play

When toddlers play they learn to understand how the world works, who they are, and what they can and cannot do. How do they do this in their different stages of development?

Potty Training Tips: Step by Step Potty Training

Nervous about starting potty training? We've all been there. And having a handy step-by-step guide really makes the process much less daunting. Get the details on step-by-step training.

  1. Diapers

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Fun Family Vacation Ideas

Your child would like to sit in sand and play all day. You, on the other hand, would like to do some sightseeing or relaxing. Here’s are a few tips on planning a fun vacation for the whole family.

Traveling With Two or More Children

Time to hit the road (or board a plane) with your little ones? Whether it's trains, planes, or automobiles, traveling with more than one child takes some planning, patience, and ingenuity. Here are some

Temper tantrums: Dealing with baby tantrums

Is 'no' a favorite word in your house these days? Our toddlers tend to test the limits not only by saying no constantly, but by running away, or even throwing things.

When to Potty Train and How to Cope With Challenges

Setbacks during the potty training process can be frustrating for parents and kids alike. With a few practical tips, we can make it past the difficult times and move things forward.

Teaching Sleeping Habits: Toddler Sleep Training

Many a toddler will do anything to avoid falling asleep ⎯ crying, asking for drinks of water, even getting out of bed. Follow these guidelines to help with toddler sleep training.

Crybabies: why do some babies cry more than others?

You might ask yourself why your baby cries so much. Here’s what you can do to soothe your baby and relieve your own stress.

How to Teach Manners to Children

Are you struggling with getting your little one to say please and thank you? A few smart strategies and techniques may help this go more smoothly. Learn more about teaching manners.

Helping Your Toddler Speak Properly

Learning language and how to pronounce words is a big job for a child. Find out how you can help encourage your toddler’s speech development.

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How to Help Your Child Through Night Terrors

Different from nightmares, night terrors can be a scary thing for everyone in the house. Use these tips to help console your little one when they strike.

Toddler Activities: Fun Activities for Toddlers

Now that your little one walks and moves independently, a new world of play opens up. Watch and find out how to have some fun together!

Playdates for Toddlers

Interacting with other children is an ideal opportunity for your child to make friends and hone social skills. Get the most out of toddler playdates.

Healthy Snack Ideas for Your Toddler and Preschooler

Discover nutritious and healthy toddler snacks to feed your growing child.

What to Know When Transitioning Your Child to a Toddler Bed

Congratulations! Your child moving to a toddler bed is a huge step. Read on to learn some things any new mom needs to know before making the transition.

How to get Kids to eat Vegetables

Nothing is better for toddlers to eat than vegetables – and nothing seems harder than serving it to them! Try these 10 tips to get kids to eat vegetables.

2-Year Checkup: Your Toddler at 2 Years

The 2-year checkup is coming up. Many parents find this visit more enjoyable than previous ones, as 2-year-olds tend to be interested in the exam and more talkative. Get the details on this checkup.

Flying with an infant

Flying with an infant can be a bit daunting. Follow these useful tips to make flying with a baby or toddler fun and comfortable.

New baby brother or sister: introducing siblings

Another baby is on the way, but the prospect of becoming a big brother or big sister might be a little confusing and even worrying for your eldest child. Learn more about preparing for a sibling.