Baby Activities: Baby Games and Activities

The best baby games are very simple – the object: spending time with you! Try one of the ideas in this video and let the fun begin!

Baby Sun Protection: Lotion, hats and Clothing

Taking your baby for a daytime outing can be lots of fun. Here are a few baby sun protection tips while enjoying the sun.

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Baby feeding: when to switch to milk

Now that our babies are a year old, we know they're ready for milk. What kind of milk is best? How much milk does a toddler or a preschooler need? Get the facts on milk.

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Baby-proofing Your Home

Your baby’s increased mobility implies that he’s covering more ground and exploring his environment. Do your bit by baby proofing your home with these tips.

Safety First! Tackling the task of baby proofing

Watch the ups and downs as the Barstons give their home a baby proofing makeover. To see their results, tune in now.

Ensuring a Safe Sleep for Your Baby

You want to keep your little sleeper safe, and the best way to do that is with the back sleeping position. Learn all the ways to promote safe sleeping for your baby.

Baby Activities: Making Bath Time Special

From newborn sponge baths, to playing in the tub, develop your own bath time routine that helps you and your baby bond. Here’s one mom’s tips about a better bath time.

Baby Bath Time: Fun for you and Your Baby

Top tips to make baby's bath time safe and pleasant for both you and your newborn.

Weaning: When to Wean a Baby off Breast Milk

Still nursing your baby? If all is going well for both of you, no worries about weaning yet – unless your baby takes on the job.

Weaning: starting your baby on solid foods

How do you know when your baby is ready to start eating solid foods? Look out for these signs and signals.

Starting Solid Foods: One at a Time

So far, it's just been breast milk or formula, or both. Now your baby is ready for starting solid foods. The best plan is to start slowly and then introduce one new food at a time.

Sleep Training: Creating a Good Bedtime Routine

Getting a little one to settle down can be tricky. Find out how to set up an effective bedtime routine with these quick tips.

Coughs and Coughing in Babies and Toddlers

Learn how to identify when your baby’s cough is serious and needs medical attention as well as other prevention and soothing strategies

Common childhood illnesses: sensible solutions and treatments

It's hard to see our children sniffling and coughing. With time and a few home remedies (including lots of hugs), we can probably help them feel better. Get more details on treating colds and common illnesses.

Kitchen safety for kids

Since you and your little ones spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it should be the safest and happiest room in the house.

How to play with toddlers: learning through play and games

Dollhouses, trains or imaginary wizards are all parts of how children play. Find out about the different ways to play with toddlers.

How To Safely Help Your Baby Sit

Is your baby gaining more physical control? Your little one may have mastered sitting and may try to twist, lean forward and shift from side to side. Get more tips on how to help your baby practice these

Flying with a baby

Planning your first family plane trip? Here are some mom-tested strategies for traveling with your baby.