Separation Anxiety: How to Prepare Your Baby for Being Apart

Young babies may become anxious when separated from their parents, and become wary of strangers. This is actually a big leap in thinking and understanding. Learn how to handle separation anxiety.

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Safety First! Tackling the task of baby proofing

Watch the ups and downs as the Barstons give their home a baby proofing makeover. To see their results, tune in now.

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Pampers Cruisers Diapers

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Sleep Training: Creating a Good Bedtime Routine

Getting a little one to settle down can be tricky. Find out how to set up an effective bedtime routine with these quick tips.

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Walking Like an Expert

New walkers are so proud of themselves, and so much fun to watch. Look at how much their balance has improved and how their wide gait has narrowed! Is stair climbing next? Find out more about walking.

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Baby Activities: Making Bath Time Special

From newborn sponge baths, to playing in the tub, develop your own bath time routine that helps you and your baby bond. Here’s one mom’s tips about a better bath time.

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Diaper Size and Weight Chart

Find the diaper and size perfect for your baby.

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Your Baby’s 6-Month Checkup

Your 6-month-old is still growing rapidly and may have a wonderful new skill on the horizon: sitting up! Find out more about your baby’s 6-month wellness visit.

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Suzanne Dixon, M.D., M.P.H.

Your Baby's 9-Month Checkup

This checkup will be a lively one. That's because most 9-month-olds are curious, playful, and on the move — you'll need to keep an eye on your active baby. Find out more about the 9-month checkup.

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Baby Sleep Training and Bedtime Rituals

A routine helps your baby fall sleep and stay asleep more readily. Need tips for your nightly ritual? How about a cuddle in a special chair, and then a song or a story. Pick up more bedtime tips.

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Well Baby Visit: 1-Year Checkup

At this visit, your baby may be wiggly and worried about being examined, and may cling to you when the healthcare provider approaches. Get more insights on this birthday checkup.

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Laundry Room Safety

With small children in the house, you'll need to take some important precautions when you do laundry and put away laundry products. Find out how to keep everyone safe and sound in the laundry room.

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A Quick Guide to Diaper Rash

Your baby will probably get diaper rash at some point — most babies do! So it's good to know what to do when this common skin condition occurs. Get the facts on diaper rash treatment and prevention.

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New Pampers Cruisers with Extra Absorb Channels

Introducing the latest version of Pampers Cruisers, which stay drier and don’t sag like ordinary diapers*. Their extra absorb channels help distribute wetness evenly. Click above to learn more.

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Baby-proofing Your Home

Your baby’s increased mobility implies that he’s covering more ground and exploring his environment. Do your bit by baby proofing your home with these tips.

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Ensuring a Safe Sleep for Your Baby

You want to keep your little sleeper safe, and the best way to do that is with the back sleeping position. Learn all the ways to promote safe sleeping for your baby.

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Baby Activities: Baby Games and Activities

The best baby games are very simple – the object: spending time with you! Try one of the ideas in this video and let the fun begin!

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