Crib Talk: Baby talk at bedtime

Our kids sometimes talk to themselves when they're alone in bed, or at other times. These monologues, it turns out, may help them make sense of their day and process new experiences. Shhhhh — don't interrupt

Literacy tips for babies: teaching your baby to love reading

Babyhood is when our kids start to acquire a love of stories and interest for words. Discover some easy ways to nurture the joy of reading with your baby!

Baby Development 3 to 9 Months: Your Baby’s Growth Phases

Discover key baby development milestones in this exciting period of rapid growth for your baby and know what to expect at each step along your journey!

When do Babies Start Walking: Your Baby’s First Steps

Got the phones and cameras ready? Sometime soon, our babies will officially become toddlers, taking those teetering first steps!

Baby talk: making sense of it all

Even before her first word, your baby will communicate with grunts, gestures and cries. Read on to find out what it all means.

Baby gear essentials for your 4-6 month old

Baby accessories, clothes and general stuff you growing baby needs

Baby separation anxiety: preparing baby for being apart

When our little ones are about 7 months old, we may start to see some wariness of strangers and separation anxiety. This is actually good news: Worrying about strangers

Common childhood illnesses: sensible solutions and treatments

It's hard to see our children sniffling and coughing. With time and a few home remedies (including lots of hugs), we can probably help them feel better. Get more details on treating colds and common illnesses.

1 year baby check up: What to expect

The 1-year checkup can be the perfect time to bring up anything that concerns us about our child's health and development. Our health care providers are eager to answer questions and reassure us. Get more

Baby Walking like an expert!

We love watching our new walkers walk. Look how much their balance has improved! Stair-climbing may be next. Find out more.

Baby Vaccinations: What to expect

Good for you! Going to all those checkups and getting your almost 2-year-old immunized on time is a great accomplishment and a wonderful investment in your child's healthy future. Get more details on shots.

Coughs and Coughing in Babies and Toddlers

Learn how to identify when your baby’s cough is serious and needs medical attention as well as other prevention and soothing strategies

Your 11-Month-Old: Speech and Social Development

As your baby nears the 1-year mark, you may hear some words. And this is the stage when babies like to be around other children, too. Find out more about your 11-month-old.

Motor skills development

Your baby's drive to master some key motor skills is a remarkable part of early childhood development and a thrilling part of parenthood. Find out how to help your baby bust a move.

Dealing with diarrhea: helping your child find relief

About of diarrhea can you leave your child weak, dehydrated and uncomfortable. Here’s how to help relieve him.