Healthy Snack Ideas for Your Toddler and Preschooler

Discover nutritious and healthy toddler snacks to feed your growing child.

How to get Kids to eat Vegetables

Nothing is better for toddlers to eat than vegetables – and nothing seems harder than serving it to them! Try these 10 tips to get kids to eat vegetables.

Healthy toddler recipes: child-friendly food

What's on the menu these days? Our kids will thrive on soft table foods – unsalted and cut into small pieces – plus baby cereal and milk. It can be good to introduce foods with different textures to expand

What to feed a 2 year old

Terrible twos at the dining table: advice on establishing healthy eating routines with your toddler.

Good eating habits for a 3 year old

Simple guidelines to establish good toddler eating patterns and make family mealtime fun.

Baby Food Allergies and Intolerance

What is the difference between food allergy and food intolerance? Which precautions and measures do you need to take to help your child who is having reactions to food?

Picky eaters: My toddler is a picky eater

Picky eating is common among young children. You may want to think of it as part of their quest to be independent. Find out more.

Healthy Toddler Food: Kid-friendly Food

Our active toddlers sometimes seem too busy to eat, and it's hard not to wonder if they're getting enough food. Learn more about kid friendly foods.

How to get your child to try new foods

If there's a toddler in the house who won't try any new food, your best shot at success may be to offer it several times in a few ways. Learn more.

Child nutrition: a balanced vegetarian diet for toddlers

Many of us are vegetarians, or at least eat less meat than we used to. Whatever cuisine we serve our families, it's important that our toddlers get the right blend of nutrients, including enough iron and

Toddlers are picky eaters: how to handle it

Your two-year-old seems be very particular with her food choices. Find out how to avoid battles while helping her overcome this stage.