Motor skills development: Playing catch – baby-style!

Motor skills development: Playing catch – baby-style!

Playing baby catch not only develops your baby’s motor skills, but also provides an opportunity for some bonding time.

You and your 10- to 12-month-old will have a blast with this age-appropriate spin on the time-honored tradition of catch. Simply pushing a ball can boost his motor development since it promotes coordination and strengthens upper-body muscles.

What do I need? Simple: balls. Include different sizes, colors and textures – any soft or cloth-covered ball will do the trick.

How do we play? Roll a ball to your baby. Encourage him to roll or throw it back to you, helping him if he needs it. Be sure to talk about the objects and what you’re doing (“You just threw the green ball!” or “I’m rolling the spotted ball to you.”). As your child gets older, asking him to roll or throw a specific ball.

Tricks and advice

  • At this age, your baby’s aim won’t be accurate. He’s still working on her hand and finger motions, so he’ll be swatting or slapping the ball at first.
  • Expect that you’ll need to help him with these early motor development skills and that he’ll need lots of practice. The aim is to help your baby gain control and coordination through the repeated grasping, rolling and throwing.
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thank you pampers this is my first child. this is good to know


Crystal 11/19/2015

Interesting but I was already doing that

Won't be long


We are a few months away from this yet but my husband is looking forward to playing catch with our son in the backyard.

Happy baby


We are only at 9 months but we are going to start soon!

Sounds like fun

Mama 11/13/2015

Can't wait!