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Bath Fun

Little Man 9/22/2015

My 4 month old loves taking baths. He always kicks and waves his arms in the water in his tub. Makes a big mess but has some big fun, too!

little water baby


My daughter Paisley loves bath time, she even likes showers at 16 months old!.. She is a liitke water baby and cries when i have to get her out!

Bath time


My son is 7 months old now and is a little too big for a baby tub. We usually just use the tub but have our 5 year old take a bath with him.



Great video on bathing babies especially for first time mothers!!

Bath time fun

RachaelRoc 8/23/2015

My 8mo daughter loves to splash in the tub, now she's also trying to crawl in there too

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