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Splashing fun

Kim 11/4/2015

My three-month-old has just started kicking and splashing in the tub! So much fun!

Bath time fun


My little 3 month old loves his bath time and I'm lucky that I got an awesome tub that he can lay in without slipping in!

Baby baths

Nikki 10/10/2015

This video was very sweet and informative.

Bath Fun

Little Man 9/22/2015

My 4 month old loves taking baths. He always kicks and waves his arms in the water in his tub. Makes a big mess but has some big fun, too!

little water baby


My daughter Paisley loves bath time, she even likes showers at 16 months old!.. She is a liitke water baby and cries when i have to get her out!

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