Burn prevention: burn safety for kids and toddlers

Burn prevention: burn safety for kids and toddlers

We want to do everything possible to prevent our toddlers from getting burns — these are so painful and damage the skin, too. One good idea: Keep hot pot handles turned toward the inside of the stovetop. Get more burn prevention tips.

Burns are painful, and they damage your toddler's skin. Here's what you can do to helpprevent them:

  • Keep the handles of hot pots and pans turned toward the inside of the stovetop at all times, even when you think your child's not around.
  • Cover or barricade exposed heaters and heater grates.
  • Screen or barricade fireplaces, grills, and any place in your house that has a hot surface.
  • Set your hot water heater to 120 degrees F or lower to avoid accidental scalds.
  • Test the temperature of bath water with the inside of your wrist or elbow before you put your toddler in.
  • Get locking faucets to prevent your child from giving herself a rinse with too-hot water.
  • Get electrical cords out of the way. If your child bites them, she can get a terrible burn.

If your child does get burned and develops blisters, she has a second-degree burn. Take her to your health care provider for proper treatment.Burns on your toddler's hands and face also need special attention, so don't hesitate tohave them looked at, even if they're small.

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