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baby proofing

kristin 4/27/2016
It is important to baby proof your house. when my son was starting to figure the locks out, so the safer way for me was just to always watch him.


Kitchens 4/26/2016
Good message

Great Timing

Kaitlyn Partin 4/26/2016
Our little guy is about to start moving, so this video came at a great time.

Baby Proofing

Momma 4/25/2016
Reminds me of when we baby proofed for our first and then found he could undo or break the child-locks. There was a lot of redirecting and telling him "no" to keep him safe. We used kitchen towels to tie the cupboard doors shut that he needed to stay out of and made the cupboard withplastic containers one he could go in. Now, he's big brother and tries to help keep his little brother safe by reminding us to tie cupboard doors shut.

Baby Proofing

Julie 4/23/2016
I think when I go through this with my little one it will be a day he isn't home and after his daddy has gotten locked in the bathroom first! Lol