1 Year Baby Check Up: What to Expect

1 Year Baby Check Up: What to Expect

The 1-year checkup can be the perfect time to bring up anything that concerns us about our child's health and development. Our health care providers are eager to answer questions and reassure us. Get more details.

Never hesitate to raise any concern — no matter how trivial — when you have an appointment with your baby's health care provider.

At your child's 1-year visit, be sure to bring up any of these issues or behaviors if you've noticed them in your child:

  • He can't bear weight on his legs.
  • He has one or both eyes still crossed, even part of the time.
  • He doesn't use both hands equally.
  • He doesn't use any real words or doesn't know his name.
  • He isn't crawling or moving forward in some way.
  • He has no fear of strangers or anxiety at separations. Fear and anxiety are normal reactions to these situations at this age.
  • He doesn't point at things.
  • He seems to have problems with his vision or hearing.
  • He loses a skill he had before.

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Good to know

astrife08 12/14/2015

My girls have their 1 year appt this week... This is good info to know.


grant 12/11/2015

very informative

Brush up


Good reminder list.

Thanks for the different view

Khull 11/25/2015

Great info for the visit since every baby does stuff on their own time, it lets you know everything they should be doing instead of looking and comparing what they aren't doing by a year of age.

thank you


Thank you this will be very helpful in 2 months

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