Baby care: perfecting the art of diaper-changing

Baby care: perfecting the art of diaper-changing

Most moms with small babies say they change more than six diapers a day. Check out some tips and tricks from real moms that help make changing time a breeze!

One of the most fundamental baby care basics to mastering the diaper-changing technique. Try these mom-tested tips to streamline or improve the diapering process.

Preparation makes perfect
Minimize the time your baby will have to be uncomfortable by keeping all the necessary changing goods (diapers, wipes, bags for dirty packages) close at hand.

Go double duty
A great trick some moms use to catch any unexpected spillage is to place a clean diaper underneath their baby before removing the dirty one. Any ways to limit the mess are always good to consider.

Chat him up
Tell your baby what you're doing – hearing your voice will keep him calm and distract him from what's happening. Changing time can actually be great bonding time too. Instead of thinking of diaper changes as an unpleasant chore, slow down, take a breath and start a conversation with your baby.

Make it fun
Entertain your baby while putting on a fresh diaper by placing something eye catching near his changing spot. A colorful toy, or one that sparkles or sings, makes for a good option.

With these smart strategies in place, you'll be able to make diaper duty less of a chore and more of a bonding experience for both you and your baby.

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very good info



thankfully my LO actually likes being changed! if only she felt the same way about putting clothes on



With my 3rd son our Doctor recommended only using Pampers to avoid diaper rashes. These diapers are amazing, he has not had a diaper rash while using them, and he is now almost 1 year!

Grandson and pampers


My new grandson is wearing sensitive diapers and using sensitive wipes. Going above and beyond to make sure his little bottom is feeling good !!!



sometimes when your out in public bring a small rattle along to distract the baby from noise of the hand dryers other loud things.

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