Eating out: dining at a restaurant with your baby

Eating out: dining at a restaurant with your baby

Thinking of taking your baby out to a restaurant? This article provides useful tips every new parent should know when taking their baby out for dinner.

When our baby was a little over a year old, my wife and I decided the time was right to go for a family outing to one of our favorite, pre-pregnancyrestaurants. Personally, I'm more of a take-the-baby-and-see-what-happens kind of guy, but my wife was really worried that our daughter would have ameltdown and we'd be horribly embarrassed.

Once burned, twice shy
Our first time out was, as my wife feared, a complete disaster. Every thing that could possibly have gone wrong did. It took us a month and a half tosummon up the courage to give it another try. And try we did but this time we had a plan (see below for our suggestions). Naturally, my wife and I wereboth a little nervous about our next foray into the exciting world of dining out. Never being one to disappoint, our daughter knocked over a glass of waterand took a big bite out of one of the crayons our waiter had thoughtfully brought. But all in all, we knew that our careful planning had paid off when thecouple at a nearby table complimented us on our well-behaved child.

Choosing where to go

  • Stay away from crowded, noisy places unless you know your baby loves that kind of environment.
  • Call ahead to see whether babies are welcome and to make sure the restaurant has enough high chairs.
  • Keep it casual. White tablecloths and crystal wine glasses are to babies what red flags are to bulls.

At the restaurant

  • Sit near an exit. You may need to take an upset baby out of the restaurant quickly.
  • If the baby will be eating with you, don't forget her food and a few extra spoons, just in case one (or two) ends up on the floor.
  • If your baby is walking, don't let her visit other tables unless you're absolutely sure that the people there really want to be visited. It may be cute to you but annoying to others. Also, wandering (and crawling) babies are tripping hazards to waiters.
  • If you're holding the baby on your lap, be very, very careful. Babies are born with a sixth sense about restaurants. They will lunge for whatever's hottest and sharpest and what will make the biggest mess when it's spilled.
  • The restaurant staff will usually not have time to entertain your baby. They've got plenty of other stuff to do.
  • Don't be embarrassed if you have to leave suddenly. Babies melt down, have blow ups, get sick.
  • Try to make it home for your baby’s bedtime. Being in a new place can be stressful enough.

See what suits your baby and adjust the plan accordingly. Finally, you’ll only learn how to improve it by being brave enough to try your first familyouting.

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Bring Toys

Fishyface 2/3/2016

I love sitting far in the back so I don't disturbed anyone who may be eating. Toys were a big help not big bulky ones but boy that you can touch and feel. Book with mirrors really worked for my child.

Eating out

Mama2 2/3/2016

Very helpful tips . Would not have considered sitting near the exit when possible

Be patient

chris911 1/26/2016

Socialize early at restaurants. They'll be foodies before you know it.

Wish it was easier


Before babies my husband and I loved to eat our. Now I have 13 month old triplets who are all over the place. To take them out to the restaurant is a daunting task. Though this article makes a lot of sense for someone with 1 baby, for me it would still need lot of reassuring before I take them out to any restaurant.

So true

Kelsey 1/19/2016

I totally agree with this article, and I even got some new ideas. I always just ask for an extra plate and my ten month old gets some of what mom or dad got. If it's not ok for baby, I make sure I have baby food too. It's fun to go out with your hubby and baby. Just relax

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