Sleep Training: Creating a Good Bedtime Routine

Sleep Training: Creating a Good Bedtime Routine

Getting a little one to settle down can be tricky. Find out how to set up an effective bedtime routine with these quick tips.

Babies and young children are creatures of habit, so they enjoy the predictability of a ritual. Performing the same simple tasks before bed each night helps signal that everything is safe and sound, and that it's time to go to sleep.

Here are some parent-tested guidelines for an easy bedtime routine.

Consistency is everything. Have a fairly firm bedtime and a predictable order of events. Make sure the ritual takes place in your child’s own room or sleeping area.

Keep it simple. Keep your bedtime routine basic so it can be followed even when you are away from home. You can include a warm bath, a bedtime story or a song, being tucked in, and a kiss goodnight.

Provide reminders. Toddlers may benefit from a couple of reminders that bedtime is approaching; springing it on them suddenly will only make them more reluctant to give up playing.

Turn out the lights. This helps your child distinguish the difference between day and night. If he wakes up and it’s dark, then it’s still “night time.”

Be flexible. If your child is sick and wants an extra story you can bend the rules a little ¾ just try not to dismantle the routine entirely.

Bedtime is a special time for both of you, so enjoy the bonding and snuggles along with the challenges.

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routine really works


My baby finally fall sleep at a same time every day. Turn the lights off really helps. Sometimes she wants to play and looks like she is not going to sleep yet but once i started the routine she falls sleeps in less than 10 minutes.

In Need Of Some Help

Kay Kay 07/03/2015

I'm trying to get my now 9 month old son back into his sleeping routine. After a rough patch last month, I wind up moving back home with my mom and grandfather, and I think the transition from being just me and him in a one bedroom town home apt to now in a house with more than one person, has messed his bedtime routine up. Now he's staying up later than usual, and whenever I cue for him that it's time for bed and I have fed and bathe him, he sometimes goes into a fit and falls out

Sleep routine


I have a two and a half month old son. I am a single mom and I work full time so my son goes to my grandma's some days, some days with my parents. It's VERY important that I keep him on the same bedtime routine so that he gets the right amount of sleep he needs. Giving him a nice warm bath, a bottle, and some cuddles and he is truly golden! I try to get him set between 8:00-10:00, definitely no later than 10:00. Sometimes he goes down around 7:30 because poor baby is just so tired.

Algunas dificultades


A veces se nos presenta con nuestro bebé algunas dificultades a la hora de dormir. hemos querido acostumbrarlo entre 9:30 y 10:00 pm, pero a veces nos llegan las 11:00 pm y todavía anda bien despiertito, aunque lo estemos acostumbrando a estar en su cama arropadito, con luz tenue, etc.

Bath time


Ive noticed that if I give my baby a bath right before bed using lavender wash and lotion he seems to sleep better and falls asleep faster.

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