Baby Skin Care

Your baby's skin is so soft and smooth, you just can't resist touching it! To help keep it that way, follow these baby skin care guidelines for preventing dryness and avoiding sun damage.

How to change a diaper

Changing a diaper for the first time can be a bit daunting. Read our handy step by step how-to guide for new parents. You will soon be a diaper changing expert.

Sponge Baths: How to Sponge Bathe a Newborn

What is a sponge bath and tips to make it a pleasant experience for your newborn.

Essential Baby-Care Advice

Everyone's eager to share baby-care advice, but you should feel free to ignore outdated and unwanted suggestions. Find out which tips to keep and which to toss.

Moms give the best advice

Watch our Pampers product reviews, where real moms share their opinions on choosing the right diapers and wipes.

Preventing baby sunburn

Avoiding sunburn for our kids doesn't have to be hard work. Learn about sunburn prevention and treatment.

Changing Newborn Diapers: Umbilical Cord Care

Did you know that newborns might need 10 diaper changes a day? You'll get a lot of practice changing your baby and keeping the cord area clean too. Learn more about diapering and cord care.

Newborn Baby Care: How to Change a Diaper

Looking for guidance on the ultimate parenting task? Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to change a diaper.

Caring for your baby’s skin: Diaper Rash Treatment

Care for your newborn’s skin with these top simple tips to limit and treat diaper rash.

Caring for the Umbilical Stump

Newborn Baby hygiene is very important, especially around the umbilical stump area, it is prone to infection so keep it clean and hygienic.

Dealing with Fever in Newborn and Babies

You’ve realized that your newborn has a fever and may be fighting an infection. Discover what you can do to help your child back to feeling better!

Newborn Umbilical Cord Care

If you're the parent of a newborn, treating your baby’s umbilical stump is part is a part of his everyday care.