Baby Growth Chart: Track Your Baby’s Growth and Development

Baby Growth Chart: Track Your Baby’s Growth and Development

The centerpiece of your child's health record is the baby growth chart. Children who are growing at the expected rate and whose height or length and weight are pretty well matched are generally healthy. Your healthcare provider will track your baby's height and weight on a percentile chart such as the ones below. Over time, your provider will be able to see whether your baby is growing at the expected rate. This chart will help you follow your child's growth along with the healthcare provider.

As your provider will tell you, healthy children come in lots of different sizes and the band of what's considered "normal" growth is very wide. Many children, for example, shift their place on the growth chart at about 6 months as they start to reflect the build they've inherited from their family. Earlier, their growth reflected how they grew before birth and their nutrition in the first months. Breastfed babies are fatter in the first few months and relatively thinner later on in the first year than children fed exclusively with formula. And some families have fast-growing babies, while others have slow and steady gainers.

So keep these individual differences in mind as you follow your child's growth. The charts below show the average growth patterns of boys and girls. There is a wide range of what's normal. Use these charts to track your own baby's growth and bring any questions or concerns to your child's health care provider.

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Liza 4/24/2016
It's comforting to know my little guy is doing just fine! To all mothers: keep in mind that every baby is different and may reach their height, weight, head circumference, or developmental milestones at different times and can still be considered "normal". I prefer the word HEALTHY!

Perfectly Average

50% on all charts- so perfectly average! My girl was only 6lbs at birth, so glad we're finally catching up!

Oh my

Baba 4/1/2016
Head size chart. My ham has a head full of brains to be taught!


cassie 4/1/2016
My son was only 18 in long at 6lb 6oz. Doesn't that put his weight in the 2nd percentile and his length in the 25th? I'm confused on how to read it.


Holly 3/23/2016
Wow! I've got a big boy 95%