Colic: top tips to deal with a crying baby

Colic: top tips to deal with a crying baby

Colic can make you feel helpless when you don’t know what to do. Here are some useful tips on calming your colicky baby.

When your baby has frequent bouts of intense and inconsolable crying, he may have colic. A telltale clue is that your baby is colicky may be pulling his legs up to his tummy and arching his back while crying.


Colic is usually at its worst in the second and third months of life. Its understandable you may feel helpless and confused about what to do.


The good news

Studies have shown that extra carrying done in the first few weeks of your baby's life can help limit the duration of crying spells when he gets older. So grab your baby and cuddle like crazy!


How to deal with a colicky baby

Once crying does kick in, try these tricks to help settle your baby:

  • Rock him.
  • Hold him.
  • Put light pressure on his tummy.
  • Play the radio.
  • Turn on a fan or the vacuum.
  • Put him in a swing.
  • Take him for a car ride.
  • Burp him.
  • Give him a little space.


Try the tricks above and pay close attention to your baby’s crying. Soon you’ll know which of these is more effective for your little one.


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Colic problems


My girl cries 2-3 hours at night then she starts again around 9am til 12. I try massage, rock her and everything but she won't stop. We try put her on her car seat and she fell asleep. They said it will get better after 6 weeks.

Car ride

Jezka 1/19/2016

I have such a hard time making my LO stop crying. The one thing that has not failed to work is the car ride. No matter how much he cried, once I start the car and go he is out.


Ruruy 1/11/2016

Thank you iam learning i have a 7 week old baby


Berr1988 12/17/2015

All of these tips work but just not all the time. We both use different tricks from the list and they do work.



vaccuum does settle babies for some reason

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