Baby Firsts: Rolling Over

Baby Firsts: Rolling Over

Tummy Time

Tummy time is exactly what it sounds like—time spent on the tummy! Tummy time is important for babies because it puts them in a position to lift and turn their heads by themselves. Eventually, these same muscle groups will help your baby sit up, crawl, climb, and walk. You can start Tummy Time right away after the baby is born, no need to wait a few days or weeks.
Here are a few tips from the Mayo Clinic to help get your little one accustomed to tummy time.
• Start early by putting your newborn on her tummy on your lap two to three times per day
• Interact with your baby and play with attention-grabbing toys
• Gradually increase the tummy time sessions as your child grows
There are other tips and tricks you can try to help build up those muscles:
• Recline on the floor or couch with a pillow under your head and put your baby on your chest, belly to belly. (She’ll push up on her arms to look at your face.)
• Use a pillow to prop up your baby and lay a book down in front of him while you read.
• Place your baby across your lap with your baby’s head hanging over your leg while you sit on the floor.


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My son loves it

My son enjoys tummy time and playing with toys 😄💙

tummy time

get your child used to tummy time from day one so that they wont resent it as much

Doesnt like tummy time

misty 5/3/2016
My daughter hates tummy time. She'll do it for a few minutes but then gets pissed off and starts screaming because it hurts her tummy and she spits up.

Tummy time

I started tummy time 2 days after my son was born! He was sitting up all on his own by 5 months!

Misleading title

There's nothing about rolling over in this article it's just another generic article rewritten 5 different ways on the website.