Newborn Baby Activities: Tummy Time and Play

Newborn Baby Activities: Tummy Time and Play

What could be more fun than playing and interacting with your 3-month-old. Engage your little one with these age-appropriate activities that foster baby development.

Your new baby is interacting with you all the time, cooing, gurgling, and smiling when she sees your face and hears your voice. Here are some ways to make playtime together even more fun.

Hit the floor. Tummy time is important at this stage, so make sure your baby gets tummy time on the floor every day, with you close at hand, working her muscles. To make this activity more interesting, place a colorful toy in front of her. She won't be able to grab it yet, but all the bright, bold colors are fun to look at. Toys with music and lights are entertaining too, but be careful about overstimulating your baby. She's still very young, so introduce things slowly and watch for her reaction.

Get in her face. At this stage, your baby may start to be intrigued by mirrors. Attach an unbreakable mirror to your baby's crib so she can look at her own face. As the two of you are looking into the mirror, talk to her and point at her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Sing and move. Gently clap your baby’s hands together and recite or sing nursery rhymes. Your voice is the most important sound to your baby, and whatever you sing is music to his ears.

Read and read again. Go for books with high contrast patterns, as those are easier for him to see.

Track the toy. Help your baby focus his eyes by laying him on the floor and holding a toy about 10 inches above his head. Move it slowly from side to side and let him follow it with his eyes.

As you and your baby enjoy the fun and games, he's constantly developing and reaching milestones. Go baby go!

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Good Information

Coco 11/25/2015

When my daughter sees my face she lights up

Good info

brandon 11/23/2015

Been noticing this from our baby girl. Really likes when you're in her face making faces and talking. She starts to smile and gets a kick out of it! Need to start putting her on her tummy more

Good Points

DawnGuttz 11/22/2015

Great ideas

Good summary

Mary 11/16/2015

Thanks for the subtitles now I can remember tummy time better!


Beth 11/15/2015

My daughter hated tummy time on floor but would be fine on her stomach on my husband or mine's chest. She still lifted her head and moved it side to side so we did that a lot as well and her head control was perfectly fine.

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