How to Play With Your 2-Month-Old

How to Play With Your 2-Month-Old

Young babies spend a lot of time sleeping and eating, but they also enjoy stimulation and playtime. Learn more about infant development and how to engage your 2-month-old.

After a whirlwind of sleepless nights and round-the-clock feedings, you're probably settling into a routine with your 2-month-old. In those precious moments when she's awake and alert, you can enjoy some playtime and social interaction with your little one. Check out these ideas.

Have Tummy Time Fun
Letting your baby spend time on her stomach under your watchful eye will help strengthen her back and neck muscles and prepare her for learning to crawl. Place her on her tummy on a clean floor. Prop her on her arms, making sure there are no blankets or toys around her face. Now watch her try to lift her head and move it from side to side. Start with about three to five minutes a few times a day and gradually increase the amount of time for each tummy session. Make sure your baby is awake and that you or another adult are watching her during these sessions.

Smile and Smile Back
At around this age, your baby may develop a social smile, which is a huge milestone for all parents. Prop him on your lap, talk to him, and smile at him. He’ll be entertained and engaged simply by the sound of your voice and the look on your face.

Read Together
Now is the perfect time to get into the routine of reading every day with your little one. A bedtime story is a wonderful way to wind down and help your newborn drift off into dreamland.

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love playtime

imeyad 2/8/2016

I love massaging my littke one and singing to her!

play mats

jacquie 2/3/2016

play mats have been a very good way to interact and play with my 2 month old

tummy time

NewMommieJas 2/1/2016

My baby will be 2 months in a week and ive been doing tummy time already...he seems to like it except when he tries to crawl and can't get his head up quite yet.

Much needed

Tabitha 1/30/2016

I will definitely start doing more tummy time, but it is so hard when they object to it! My first baby loved tummy time, but this one not so much.

tummy time

tanyaherrera93 1/29/2016

tummy time is the best for the baby learning how to crawl, and im considering reading a night time story to my little girl

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