Baby Shower Etiquette: The Dos and Don'ts of Baby Showers

Baby Shower Etiquette: The Dos and Don'ts of Baby Showers

Simple guide to cover baby shower etiquette for invitations, gifts and registry.

Wondering about baby-shower etiquette? If you have no idea about who to assign to what, or what your baby shower responsibilities are, here’s a simple checklist to help you plan the perfect shower.

Baby shower host: Duties
While the current trend is for anyone to throw a baby shower, strict shower etiquette says a shower should be hosted by a friend or not-so-immediate relative, such as a cousin or aunt. The host will greet all guests personally, take their coats, indicate where presents should be deposited and offer them a beverage. This greeting process will not only please Miss Manners but will bring a warm, rosy glow to all your guests and get the party started off right.

Make them make friends. If your guests belong to different social circles, break the ice by making introductions or starting the baby shower with a game.

Baby Registries: The gift of giving. Guests have taken a lot of care in selecting their gifts, and part of the fun is watching the mom-to-be open presents. Proper etiquette suggests that gifts be opened toward the end of the shower to avoid the impression that presents are the primary purpose of the party.

Thank you notes
It’s still considered proper for the expectant mom to send thank you notes. Designate a gift recorder and note all the gifts and their givers. Help the expectant mom write personalized thank you notes, select cards and envelopes, and then get to licking and sticking.

A proper goodbye
If some guests need to leave early, walk them to the door thank him or her for coming. At the end of the shower, make sure to thank all your guests for coming and see them off at the door. Make sure the mom-to-be has an opportunity to get in her thanks and goodbyes too.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy a perfectly civilized baby shower. As long as you’re handling decorum and etiquette, that’s one less thing for the mom to be to worry about.

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Baby shower


I didn't have anyone with the spare time to plan my baby shower. So I did all the work and got all the decorations. I even made all the snacks. As long as you have fun with it and are surrounded by supportive faces it makes no difference who did all the work.

Baby shower Etiqutte


I never know the etiquette from the past and present. Its nice to be able to pick and choose which etiquette to follow old or new.

Baby shower etiquette


When it was time for my baby shower I greeted my guests, opened the gifts at the end and gave a short n simple thank you speech to everyone who attended n everyone who helped plan n set up my baby shower

Be mindful of the timing

Christine 7/30/2015

Plan the shower at least a month before the due date so the gifts can be used to prepare for the baby's arrival and she's less likely to miss it if she goes into labor early. It's much easier to set things up and get everything organized before the baby's here. If it's something needed when the baby first arrives, she'll likely have to buy it herself if it's not given to her before. Clothes are a nice gift, but there's often repeats and it's harder to make returns with a newborn.

Baby shower


I don't think it matters too much who hosts your baby shower, as long as everyone has a good time and the little one to be is celebrated. My sister hosted my first baby shower and it was a success! I just felt more comfortable with her doing it than anyone else.

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