Stress during pregnancy: how to relieve stress during pregnancy

Stress during pregnancy: how to relieve stress during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be stressful for some women, your body is going through radical changes, if you are under stress, follow these simple techniques to reduce stress.

Stress Busting
Stress during pregnancy is not good for you or your baby. It can heighten feelings of anxiety and affect your sleep and your appetite. But taking a fewsimple steps to relieve stress – such as exercising at least once a day – can make all the difference.

Am I over-stressed?

Stress Relief
Pregnancy can be a stressful time and you can experience a wide range of emotions in pregnancy. It is normal for you to occasionally feel anxious orfed-up, but if pregnancy stress is causing symptoms like sleeplessness, headaches, loss of appetite, or food binges, then you need to find ways to relaxand unwind. Remember, pregnancy stress affects not just you but your baby, too.

Try these stress-relievers:

  • Evaluate your daily life and see where things could improve. Can you decrease your working hours? Can you get some help at home? Are there plans that should maybe be postponed until after the birth?
  • Talk to someone about emotions in pregnancy. Sometimes just discussing things with your
  • Take a walk every day. Exercise relieves tension.
  • Take a warm bubble bath and listen to soothing music to reduce pregnancy stress.
  • Learn a relaxation technique, like meditation, that will help you clear your mind and soothe your body as well as get to know your emotions in pregnancy better.
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cnzamora13 11/30/2015

Listening to classical music works best for me


breenag 11/22/2015


Every little bit of advice hel

Jess 11/20/2015

This is something I'm having trouble with. Having a difficult time keeping my stress low so maybe these tips will help.

Good tips

Enilda 11/13/2015

Thank you sharing this helpful tips!



Good article! Stress is always hig during pregnancy for me

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