Pregnancy diet: Tips, Plans and menus for a healthy diet

Eating nutrient packed foods is a must healthy pregnancy diet

Exercise During Pregnancy: Get Moving

Maybe you don't feel like moving, not one little bit. But exercise can offer amazing benefits when you're pregnant and for giving birth. Find out more about exercise during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Diet: Eating for Two

Tips and tricks for a healthy pregnancy diet: Nutrition advice from Pampers

Mood swings during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very emotional experience. And for many women, the emotions and mood swings are just as challenging as the physical symptoms. Find out what makes pregnancy such an emotional time.

Pregnancy Nutrition: Eating Carbs

Trying to eat well during pregnancy? Many of us have questions about carbohydrates and pregnancy nutrition. What are simple carbs vs. complex carbs?

Expectant Fathers Getting ready to become a parent

Learn how many Fathers prepare for the arrival of their new baby and their new role as a Dad.

Stretch Marks 101

Stretch marks develop in 90 percent of women during pregnancy - read on to learn what they are and what to do about them.

Trimester-by-trimester Guide to Sleep

Each new trimester brings on new challenges to getting a good night's rest. Use these tips for each trimester to ensure that you and your growing baby get the sleep you need.

Is breast best? Tune in! Tune in!

In our latest Welcome to Parenthood video, our moms learn that the most important thing, is to find what works for you.

Pregnancy diet plan: Protein while pregnant

You and your baby can't do without protein. Protein helps keep your energy up, and it gives your baby the amino acids needed for growth. Find out how to get enough during pregnancy.

Flying while pregnant and other travel considerations

When can you fly? Should you be driving? Find out more about pregnancy travel safety.

Expectant Fathers: Weight Gain

Pregnant fathers sometimes complain of morning sickness, food cravings, backaches, and weight gain…. What brings on these symptoms and what can be done to help?

Signs of preterm labor: Symptoms and Causes

As you near your due date, your uterus may contract occasionally in what are called Braxton Hicks contractions. However, some women experience preterm labor contractions. How can you tell which is which? Find

Pregnancy symptoms: How to know if something is wrong

When you’re pregnant its easy to mistake normal pregnancy symptoms for something more serious. But what there is a true complication? Here are some tips about symptoms to look for.

Healthy Diet - How much Iron and Calcium is too much

Calcium and iron are key pieces to a healthy pregnancy. Learn the benefits and dosage of each.

Nutrition in early pregnancy. Strange tastes and cravings and pregnancy eating habits

We all know the old joke that pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream, and while you might not yet be combining such odd foods you might notice that your tastes have changed. But what might be causing your