Nutrition in early pregnancy. Strange tastes and cravings and pregnancy eating habits

Nutrition in early pregnancy. Strange tastes and cravings and pregnancy eating habits

We all know the old joke that pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream, and while you might not yet be combining such odd foods you might notice that your tastes have changed. But what might be causing your unusual cravings?

Crazy Cravings What are they all about? Scientists are not entirely sure, but food cravings during pregnancy could be your body's way of alerting you to nutrients that are missing in your diet. Though how mustard and ice-cream might be linked to a dietary imbalance is a difficult one to explain!


You’ve probably heard all the jokes about pregnant women and their strange pregnancy eating habits. While you may not have resorted to spreading mustard onto your croissant or sprinkling sugar over your steak, you may nevertheless be experiencing some rather unusual food cravings, especially late at night! Some experts suggest these cravings might be your body’s way of alerting you to nutrients missing from your diet. They could also result from a need for stronger flavours during pregnancy, or even a need for extra calories, as nutrition in early pregnancy is crucial. So it is important to listen to your body when it is telling you to eat, whatever your pregnancy heating habits are. But keep in mind that while most food cravings are likely to be harmless, you should always try to opt for healthy, nutritious food, starting from good nutrition in early pregnancy. And you should never give in to the urge to consume non-food item. Any substance that is not designed for human consumption could be harmful to you or your baby. To fight late-night cravings, eat well-balanced meals and have a light snack with a glass of milk at bedtime.
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