Pregnancy Diet: Tips, Plans, and Menus for a Healthy Diet

Pregnancy Diet: Tips, Plans, and Menus for a Healthy Diet

Eating nutrient-packed foods when expecting is important for your growing body and can help support your baby’s development. Check out this list of menu must-haves.

The phrase "eating for two" doesn't mean piling twice as much food onto your plate. Instead, the idea is to eat twice as well. Not sure what to include in your pregnancy diet? We’re about to tell you.

Eggs. Packed with protein and containing vitamins D and B12, these nutritional powerhouses are quick and easy to prepare. Try them scrambled or on top of lightly fried rice.

Dairy products. Low-fat milk, cheese, and yogurt are delicious sources of calcium. Try to drink milk a couple of times a day, and include a daily serving of yogurt or cheese (made with pasteurized milk).

Nuts. Portable and non-perishable, nuts and nut butters are perfect on-the-go snacks and excellent sources of protein and healthy fat, which can aid in your baby’s development. Almonds, peanuts, and walnuts are all good picks.

Fruit. Whether fresh, frozen, or canned, fruit is high in vitamins and fiber, key in every pregnancy diet since it can help prevent constipation. Read the labels on canned fruit carefully. Go for fruit packed in water rather than syrup.

Iron. You'll need a lot of it during pregnancy to keep up your energy and ward off anemia. Stock up on lean meats, fortified cereals, and spinach. Frozen spinach is especially affordable and easy to prepare; try mixing it into casseroles or pasta sauce.

If you’re pregnant, your baby’s development is on your mind all the time. Improving your diet during pregnancy is an easy way to enhance your baby’s health. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns, shop carefully, and try to avoid processed food whenever you can.

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Great information

Graceyanjia 1/15/2016

Great information

Simple Facts

Sara 12/28/2015

Great tips for great food that help us stay healthy.



Simple tips which can be followed by every pregnant women



Great for staying healthy love this



This is great, my wife loved it!

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