Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused by the stretching of the skin due to the growing baby in your body. Learn about what you can do to help prevent or minimize stretch marks.

"Stretch marks" are striations or streaky indentations in the skin that have a pink or reddish/purple color. The medical term is "striae gravidarum," which is Latin for stripes of pregnancy. They occur in about 90 percent of all pregnancies because of the stretching of the skin caused by the mother's weight gain and the growing baby and uterus.

These marks are most likely to appear on your breasts, abdomen, or thighs, particularly if you have fair skin or gain weight rapidly. After the pregnancy is over, they will gradually fade to a silver color but will never totally disappear.

There are several things you can do to minimize them:

  • Keep your weight gain at a moderate amount (25 to 30 pounds), and try to gain it gradually over the course of the pregnancy.
  • Eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water.
  • Exercise regularly to promote circulation and strengthen supporting muscles.
  • Wear a well-fitting, supportive bra.
  • Apply creams or lotions to help with dryness or itching of your skin. However, these products will likely not prevent or alter stretch marks.
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Short and Sweet Article

Jake 2/14/2016

I concur with the info. I used Burt's Bees cream and others marketed for stretch marks, but still I see stretch marks after birth of 2nd baby.



good title learn more



During my pregnancy I did all things but yet I still wound up going from a 115 pounds to a 175 pounds the day before I had my daughter. These things don't 100% work. And I regret taking this advice because I spent a good amount of time trying to be healthy instead of really enjoying being pregnant. I am 5'0 and all I was was tummy. No one could tell I was 175 but the scales definitely did. I think we should just enjoy being pregnant not worry about the weight gain.

Expected more

Mercie 2/13/2016

While the article is well written I was expecting to learn something new or be given more suggestions. The suggestions listed are fine but the information I got from OBGYN was more helpful.

Good advice

KH 2/13/2016

I really believe in this advice because I just have my baby and I don't have stretch marks at all and I believed that my Bio Oil did all the job but isn't true, eat healthy, drink a tons of water and keep moving.

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