Playdates for Toddlers

Playdates for Toddlers

Interacting with other children is an ideal opportunity for your child to make friends and hone social skills. Get the most out of toddler playdates.

It’s sweet when your child plays together with other children. What’s not so sweet is when the fun suddenly morphs into a toddler tantrum and a screaming match over toys.

Preparing for a playdate, diffusing difficult situations, ensuring a stress-free, fun experience for both you and your child: here’s what you need to know.

  1. Scheduling a playdate. Your child probably won’t start truly interacting with other kids until age three. Signs that your child is ready to play with a friend include being more aware of other people’s feelings (asking why another child is sad, for example) and showing curiosity about what her neighbor is doing or playing with.
  2. Anticipate limited interaction – at first. Keep in mind that at this age, your child probably hasn’t yet mastered the idea of cooperation and doesn’t have enough vocabulary to explain her frustrations. This means you should be ready to do damage control if tempers start to get out of hand during toddler play.
  3. Preparing for the playdate. Agreeing to keep the playdate short will help ease the frustrations that result when kids are overly tired or stimulated. Once you’ve scheduled the playdate, give your tot a heads-up. Tell him that Sam is coming over to play and that he’ll need to share his toys. Let him choose some special toys that can be put away during the playdate.
  4. Your role during the playdate. You’ll want to stay in the room during the first playdate, but not overly engaged. If things do become heated, feel free to step in. A simple explanation can work wonders: “Sam hasn’t had a chance to play with the truck yet. How about we set a timer for you to play with it for three more minutes? Then you can give it to Sam.”
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Good info


Interesting ideas

Good info


This is really great information to know!

other children


how do we help other children understand our home rules?



How do you handle different rules at others houses? I have had children come over and do things my kids are not allowed to do like eat upstairs. Thoughts?

Time Limits Equals Success


Time limits are essential to most outings, I agree!

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