Toddler Development: 21 to 23 months

Toddler Development: 21 to 23 months

Learn about your 21 month old's development milestones and the importance of play and toddler games.

It’s amazing to watch your child become more coordinated, independent, attentive and aware of the world around him. As he enters his 21st month, you’ll see those skills becoming even more refined and polished.

The work of toddler play. At this age, playing is how your toddler learns about behaving in the world. He may be self-centered right now, but he’s slowly mastering the social skills he’ll use later on. Your toddler is starting to understand simple commands, which makes for more interesting play. Practice giving your toddler two-step commands like “Get your shoes and put them on” or “Pick up the toys and put them in this box”.

Encourage mimicking. Toddlers this age like to imitate what adults are doing, such as sweeping the floor and raking leaves. Consider giving your toddler his own broom or rake to help out.

Get outside. Going outdoors gives your toddler the chance to run, climb and jump. These activities help him become more coordinated and burn off energy. Take advantage of park playgrounds.

Host playdates. Spending time with peers is the best way for your toddler to socialize. As long as they’re safe, let them figure out how to play together, even if it’s more parallel than interactive play.
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