When do babies say their first words?

When do babies say their first words?

Few baby milestones are as thrilling as your child's first words. Your baby might babble his first “dada” or “mama” around six to eight months. He may have added a few other words to his list around his first birthday. These tips will help get your baby talking.

Up the chatting ante. Simply talking to your baby teaches him new vocabulary and encourages first words. Provide constant narration as you go around your daily tasks, or when you're in a new environment to introduce him to new words.

Talk back. Follow your child's interests and let him be your guide when deciding what to talk about. For example, if your child is staring at a dog and babbling, make this the topic of conversation and repeat the word “dog” while pointing at the pup.

Focus on routines and repetition. Daily activities such as bath time, mealtime, and changing time are ideal opportunities to have the same conversations with your baby each day. During these times, she will begin to pick up on key words and phrases and associate them with the activity.

Model speech for your baby. To help your baby build language skills, speak in slow, short sentences and wait for him to try and repeat when he’s ready. Help him recognize objects and words through play.

Just remember that some children start talking early, and others take their time to utter their first words. Your baby will be on a roll with him words before you know it!


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First word

Traci 5/13/2016
My grandsons first word is bye bye I guess it's because he loves to go outside


granny gege 3/1/2016
my baby said papa first

OMG my 18month only says mama

negra 2/27/2016
but no Dada

Bilingual Baby

Nat 2/14/2016
I find this article easy to understand and look forward to my daughter talking. She will be a bilingual baby!! Can't wait to hear her speak Spanish. So exciting!!


I talk to my son I've never did the baby babble at him but he still only clearly knows what yes and no means the only other word that he babbled is Dada but he doesn't seem to understand it..he's almost 17 months...should I be worried?

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