The 2-Year-Old Picky Eater

The 2-Year-Old Picky Eater

Many 2-year-olds are very particular about food choices and what they will eat. Find out how to avoid battles during this challenging stage.

Two-year-olds can be very picky eaters, and parents often wonder how they survive at all. Your child is likely to be very sure about what she wants and when she wants it. For example:

  • She may be very particular about how food is arranged on her plate.
  • She may "binge" on favorite foods for a while, only to reject them later.

Don't worry if all your child will eat for a while is cereal — this pattern is normal and will pass. Avoid battles by preparing three meals and a couple of snacks every day at pretty much the same times. Then let her eat what she wants.

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any ideas on how to get my toddler to eat a full meal.

Great Read


My little one is 8 months but its only a matter of time before shes a toddler! ahhhh So as a new mom all information to help prepare me is helpful.

My 2 years old


My little one is so picky 😓


Ant 1/25/2016

i'm finding that if I push food, she pushes back in the opposite direction. if I have it available and reachable at all times she may sneak over to get it. also, pediasure is a dietary supplement that i can put in her sippy cup and she will drink it when i'm not paying attention and there is distraction. its all a game at this point, thats a relaxing way to look at it.

Nutrition concern


My 3 yr old used to eat everything until a year and a half old. Now he only eats cereal and milk. He refuses all other foods. Creative ideas for kids have failed. We added pediasure to his diet & I am concerned he isn't getting the proper nutrition. I know this article says this is OK and reassures it is a phase, but this has lasted for 1.5 years. How is that healthy for growth & development?

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