Potty-trained Toddlers and Accidents

Potty-trained Toddlers and Accidents

Uh-oh… There’s a telltale puddle near your potty-trained child. Get tips on how to handle potty training accidents.

Don't blow up when you see a puddle under or near your "toilet-trained" toddler. Instead, point it out, express your regret, quickly change his clothes, help him wipe up the puddle and put the wet things in the laundry. Your child can and should help clean up, but try not to turn the experience into a guilt trip. Yelling and long discussions won't help either.

Forgive: sometimes they forget
Children really can't say why accidents happen, so don't press your child for explanations. One common cause of accidents is sheer forgetfulness: children this age can get so caught up in an activity that they forget to pay attention to the signals their bladder is sending them.

Help them handle the problem
They might also be under stress from a big change like a new daycare setting, for example, or a baby in the house.
Young children lack insight into their own behavior, but they do need to know how to handle the problem when it occurs. That's why enlisting your toddler's help in accident clean-up is so important.
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so tired


My now 3 year old is getting worse instead of better after is baby sister was born. Hopefully soon he will start getting better at going to the toliet

child #2


Our first daughter was so easy to potty train. Now, we are attempting to potty train our youngest daughter. I know that children do things at different times, but she doesn't seem to be interested at all!

In Between

Candyce 11/21/2015

My daughter keeps going back and forth between easy ups and panties. One day she will do great in panties all day and go on the potty, the next day she will demand wearing a diaper. My husband thinks its a comfort thing but how do we get her to be ok with letting her diapers go?

Thank You

Bean 11/19/2015

I never thought of them cleaning up their own potty mess. We are still trying to get the point across to her, but will add this as a reminder.

My toddler trained himself


My little guy potty trained himself. It was like pulling teeth to get him to go to the bathroom and I was getting concerned because he was turning three. But a week after his third birthday. His teacher said Caydynn has started going to the bathroom so please bring under pants. Stop the pull-ups! I did and Friday it made two weeks. Yay!..

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