Potty-trained Toddlers and Accidents

Potty-trained Toddlers and Accidents

Uh-oh… There’s a telltale puddle near your potty-trained child. Get tips on how to handle potty training accidents.

Don't blow up when you see a puddle under or near your "toilet-trained" toddler. Instead, point it out, express your regret, quickly change his clothes, help him wipe up the puddle and put the wet things in the laundry. Your child can and should help clean up, but try not to turn the experience into a guilt trip. Yelling and long discussions won't help either.

Forgive: sometimes they forget
Children really can't say why accidents happen, so don't press your child for explanations. One common cause of accidents is sheer forgetfulness: children this age can get so caught up in an activity that they forget to pay attention to the signals their bladder is sending them.

Help them handle the problem
They might also be under stress from a big change like a new daycare setting, for example, or a baby in the house.
Young children lack insight into their own behavior, but they do need to know how to handle the problem when it occurs. That's why enlisting your toddler's help in accident clean-up is so important.
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Potty training accidents


Thank you for the helpful ways to deal with accidents I will definitely try it



So glad I came across this article. I've been so frustrated with the accidents.



good information for when i potty train my child in the future



My 3yo is potty trained but had an accident last week. I was so upset and couldn't understand why she couldn't make the few steps to the potty. Having her help clean and quickly moving past it makes so much more sense than getting upset. Thank you!

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tabby 7/31/2015

My oldest son has recently started taking off his diaper and saying pee, and when he goes poop he says poop and runs into his room for me to change him, should i start potty training, hes almost 2.?

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