Potty Training While Traveling

Potty Training While Traveling

If your child has started toilet training, travel may be tricky. Help keep things on an even keel by sticking to your normal, at-home routine as much as possible. You can reduce your child's wariness of using the toilet in unfamiliar places by bringing her potty seat along (if possible).

These pointers might also be helpful:

  • Limit liquids if you are going by car or plane, but don't overcompensate so much that she becomes dehydrated.
  • Plan on mandatory pit stops at least every two hours.
  • Insist on a potty stop before you leave and at all rest stops along the way.
  • If you're traveling by plane, take your child to toilet at the airport before you board.
  • You may want to return to using training pants; if so, be sure they're new and used just for the trip.
  • Be sure to bring wipes, a plastic bag, and a full change of clothes.
  • Watch out for constipation. It’s often brought on by a change in diet, and it's a big barrier to staying dry.


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Good Info

Great info to know especially traveling within the next couple of days


It's very good information


This is helpful for our first plane trip!

Portable Travel Potties

We have a Portable Travel Potty that we use and it is the best!! ! It folds up and has absorbing bags that go inside of it so it is easy to clean up while on the go. We use it in the back of the car, we have used it at the park, in the kids' wagon while out and about, we can use it just about anywhere because it is so small, compact, and convenient. There is no time wasted looking for a restroom or waiting in line to use a dirty public restroom. It is a must while potty training!

Travel soon and a bit nervous

We have been potty training for about a month now and we have an upcoming trip at the end of the month that I am getting a bit nervous about. These were very good tips. We have a 5 hr. flight and I am concerned about the lines waiting to use the restroom while in the air or having bad weather and not being able to get up and use the restroom. He is still at the point that when he says he needs to go, we have to run, there is no time to spare! I will use these tips and hope for the best!

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