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Oh-oh — there's a telltale puddle near your potty-trained child. One good approach is to have your child change into dry clothes and then help wipe up the puddle. Get more tips on handling accidents.
Read Handling Potty Training Accidents

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A small reward can be just what your child needs to hop on the potty. But be careful not to let the rewards become too important. Try these tips to keep your child focused on potty training's true goal: becoming a big kid!
Read Your Guide to Offering Potty Training Rewards

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It’s potty time! You can help your toddler make the transition from diapers to big-kid underpants by stocking up on the right supplies and knowing a few tricks of the trade.
Read Potty-Training Checklist: Supplies and Steps

Tinkle without the tantrum

Watch the "Finding the fun in potty
training" video for handy tips on making
every tinkle a happy one.
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Potty training may require some thought adjustment from your child (you want me to sit on what — and do what?). But it’s nothing the two of you can’t sort out together with the right plan in place. Here’s how to get started.
Read Create a Potty-Training Plan in Three Steps
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Has potty training stalled in your house? Don't worry €” it's completely normal for children to take their time. To help encourage your child to move forward, you may want to offer some fun incentives. Get more potty training tips.
Read Motivation and Rewards for Potty Training

Tinkle Tinkle Little Star

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Looking for ways to make potty training fun? One way is to make up a song to help your little one look forward to when it's potty time.
Read Tinkle Tinkle Little Star

Ready, Set, Go!

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Sometime between the end of their second year and their fourth year, our kids may show signs that they're ready to begin potty training. Being able to pull their pants up and down is one clue. Find out about other readiness signs.
Read Ready, Set, Go!
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Time to start potty training? A good way to tell is to watch our children for certain behaviors and skills. No worries if it isn't the right time yet —” all kids eventually become potty trained! Check out this handy list of readiness signs.
Read Potty Training: Signs of Readiness
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Is there a monster in the toilet, ready to bite? Why is that flushing sound so scary? These fears are some of the hurdles our children have to face when it's potty training time. Find out more.
Read A Child's View of Potty Training
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What's your potty personality? If you like to be well equipped, you've got plenty of gear to choose among.
Read Gearing Up for Potty Training: What's Helpful