Baby Walking like an expert!

Baby Walking like an expert!

We love watching our new walkers walk. Look how much their balance has improved! Stair-climbing may be next. Find out more.

When your child first learned to walk, he probably strutted around all day with a wide, swaybacked gait, his stomach jutting out in front. As he gets better at balancing, the distance between his feet will narrow, and his toes will point straight ahead instead of turning out. If he hasn't already, he'll soon start trying to do other things while he walks.


By the time he's had two or three months' experience, he'll be able to:

  • Carry a toy in one arm while getting around
  • Reach above his head
  • Look up when he walks
  • Turn and squat

Climbing the stairs

Keep all stairs gated, but be sure to give your child some practice time, too (with you there, of course!). Climbing up is the first stage. Climbing down the stairs backward is the safest descent route; teach him how by getting him in the right position, as he might not figure it out on his own. Sometime in the middle of his second year, he'll learn to negotiate the stairs on his feet while holding a hand and the railing. He'll take the steps one at a time, with both feet moving up to the same level before he tackles the next one. He'll need several months – maybe even a year or two – before he can climb while alternating feet, and going downstairs with alternating feet will take even longer.

FYI: Learning to walk barefoot is ideal. As your toddler learns to walk, his bare toes will grip the ground and build up his arches. He needs shoes only to protect his feet from cold or rough surfaces.  


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Barefoot is great


barefoot- i totally agree!

No shoes


I love knowing that barefoot is the best way to start. I don't wear shoes all the time and knowing that letting her go barefoot helps her is great to know



I never put shoes on my baby girl. She is 10 months but is crawling and trying to stand. I notice the toe gripping every chance she gets.

no need 4 shoes every minute


Thank you as my LO is 15 months and some people think I'm nuts that he doesn't wear shoes ALL the time.

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