Baby Sleep tips: Help baby sleep

Baby Sleep tips: Help baby sleep

Encourage a deeper, more rejuvenating sleeping experience for your new baby.

Sleep is crucial for your new baby's healthy development. Check out these guidelines for creating the perfect slumber-friendly answering the question of how to help baby sleep.

Feel the room. Aim for a temperature that's ideal for a lightly clothed adult. Your baby will fall asleep easily when she’s cozy and comfortable.

Dress her lightly. Too many layers can leave your baby sweaty and cranky, which does little to help her sleep. Remember that babies usually need just one more layer than adults, so an undershirt with a cotton sleep sack should be enough for most climates.

Furnish the floor. A soft rug or wall-to-wall carpeting will help to warm up the room and create a nice play space on the floor. Rugs or carpet can also help to muffle noise, helping to create a more quiet sleep space.

Keep the room dark. Hanging blinds or darkening shades will keep out the early morning light. Installing dimmers in your baby's room is another way to create a soothing atmosphere. Dim the lights when you're getting your baby ready to sleep, lowering them more and more as bedtime approaches.

Leave on a little white noise. Some babies sleep better with the washing machine or the vacuum running, so feel free to go about your regular routine during naptime or after bedtime. The regular noise is soothing and will help baby sleep.

You don't need expensive decor or fancy gadgets to create a cozy sleep haven in your new baby's room. Follow your little one’s cues and she’ll soon be dreaming!

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Ralphie 11/21/2015

I'm going to have to try a few of these



We will have to try these tips.

Sound Machine


My twins love the sound machine as their "White noise". It seems to have helped them sleep longer.



My lo is 10 months and just cut his first tooth which meant our sleeping went right out the window! For almost 2 full weeks he would fall asleep just fine but then wake up during the night and then be up for HOURS! It was horrible, but once he cut the tooth we were able to get back on track.... I really believe the dark room helps him fall back asleep whenever he wakes up during the night.



I agree with the darkness of the room. That has helped my little one sleep better. I find that my little one needs pants as well as an under shirt under the sleep sack because remember if children are cold they won't sleep.

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