Creating family routines and rituals

Creating family routines and rituals

How daily rituals help our kids feel secure and help them learn about order. Holiday traditions too, are treasured by our preschoolers. Get more details on rituals.

Kids thrive on the kind of regularity and predictability that seems boring to adults. Day-in and day-out routines make them feel secure and help them learn about order. That's why simple rituals such as singing a song before bed become so pivotal for preschoolers. If yours is a busy family with a lot of unexpected events and hectic schedules, these fixed points may even be more critical for both you and your child.

Holidays are especially important times to develop regular family rituals. Eating the same foods, using the same special dishes and decorations, and experiencing the same events over and over help kids understand their origins, values, and identities.

Get your child involved in the preparations, and talk about the events ahead of time. Show your preschooler pictures of the same event happening another time, or of similar events that took place when you were a child. Although your child won't get all of the connections at this age, he's building a sense of himself as a member of a family and a tradition.

If you're uncomfortable with your own family's traditions, make up new ones. Later on you'll hear your kids say, "In our family we've always done..." as if your new rituals go back 10 generations!

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Good info


I needed this info!

Great information

Liza 07/29/2015

There is some great information about many topics. Thank you

Routine vs Tradition


I think keeping a routine is very important for kids, but I don't agree that you need to have holiday traditions. We had so many growing up, and when we started too get older and couldn't do them (lack of interest, too expensive, timing didn't work out, etc.) it always seemed someone was so mad "because it's tradition, we have to do it." Just go with the flow when it comes to the holidays.

love this

Staciadr0987 07/26/2015

i love this...everything about my childhood involved repetition. I always looked forward to everything in life. Birthdays, vacations, dinners, church...:)



We count the three house we pass everyday we come home from anywhere, state our neighborhood edition, and address. Now our 22 month old can tell you where he lives including city and state. Use you idle time to learn through repetition.

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