Get in the picture: Family snaps with your baby

Get in the picture: Family snaps with your baby

How about a family shot with you actually in it? Maybe it’s time to let someone else take the picture.

With a new little one in the family, everyday has its fair share of special moments. While this shouldn't deter you from capturing them, remember that you're part of the family, too.

Browse through the photos you have of your child – exactly how many are you in? You were there, yes, but as the person behind the camera.

Evaluate the moment. When you're thinking about taking a picture, take a second and assess what's going on. Whose moment is it? Is it your baby's first haircut? Is it the first time your new family is bringing your child over to the in-laws? In both of these situations, the odds are you're taking the keepsake photo.

Give yourself a break. It's time to ask someone else to take the photo, so you can experience and capture the moment at the same time. It may be hard to relinquish your role as the recorder-in-chief, but these moments only happen once. Go ahead and hand over the camera!

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Nice reminder


Great reminder to remember the moments with them. I'm behind the camera so much - need to take the time to take some photos with my little one!

Great thought


I think it is a good idea to have these reminders - we need to be in the photos so our kids have those memories later showing we were there with them.



Would love to hear more about how to take good selfies with kids



Good advice!

This made me so sad


It's a sad realization that I have so few pictures of my son and I. I take most of his pictures but I am in very few. I don't even have that previous picture of holding him for the first time. I don't think we have many pictures at all of us in the hospital. We also lost several pictures because my husband's phone was acting weird and he decided to reset it. We lost his 2 month and 3 month pics. I had to change my whole plan for his monthly pictures. Aaaaand now I'm crying thinking about it.

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