Grocery Shopping with Kids or Babies

Grocery Shopping with Kids or Babies

With a little planning and some wise choices, you can have a pleasant and productive outing to the grocery store when shopping with your baby.

Sometimes shopping with your baby can be an enjoyable experience. Other times it’s a hellish disaster with you and your baby in near tears. Trade in temper tantrums for smiles and good times with these simple tips.

Take care of business
Make sure your baby has a clean diaper before leaving home so that you can reduce – or avoid – the number of trips to the changing station while shopping.

Time your trip wisely
Head to the store when your baby is well-rested, well-fed and in a good mood. Make a note of when your store is at its busiest and avoid shopping during those hours.

Pack a bag of tricks
Bring a pacifier or a toy with you in case your baby gets restless. Don't forget to talk to your baby as you move around the store; an engaging "conversation" is sometimes all she needs to keep happy and occupied.

Make a list
Knowing what you need before you enter the store will keep your shopping trip organized and concise. You'll also save money by sticking with must-have items rather than filling your cart with impulse buys.

Get to know the store
The better you know the layout of your grocery store, the faster you'll be able to do your shopping. Nothing eats up time and patience like roaming around trying to find an ingredient or two. Don't be afraid to ask for help in finding the right aisle to complete your list

Attitude is everything
Babies love to emulate their parents. If you go into the shopping trip feeling stressed, your baby might be more restless and unhappy. Have a positive attitude, and your little one (and you!) may end up loving your shopping trips together.

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Very True


Thanks very much for this helpful article. The point about timing the trip is one I always struggle with. It's hard to avoid times when my little one is tired when I am just trying to shop while the older one is at school.

Very helpful

Chrissy 11/14/2015

This article was very helpful, thank you



Thank you for the tips they are very helpful.



I've been taking my 5 month old baby girl with me to the mall, grocery store etc... I'm happy to say that she's been the best ever since she was a nb. The positive attitude is very true. Babies act how we act so with that said. BE HAPPY PARENTS



my little one does not like the grocery cart just as she does not like the car. I have tried shopping in small doses but it seems to not work for her yet... maybe when shes older...

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