Holiday shopping tips

Holiday shopping tips

Finding gifts for everyone takes huge chunk out of your day – and you need your chunks! Learn how to streamline your shopping, get it all done and start enjoying the holidays.

The best way to tackle holiday shopping? Go in with a plan. Use these tips to check off everyone on your list while saving time and money.

Keep it local. Now that you have a baby, you probably can't (or don't want to) spend hours driving to stores and perusing the aisles. Going to a small business around the corner saves on gas, plus they’re great for gifts for out-of-town relatives or friends.

Go mobile. Browse applications on your mobile phone or tablet. Some of these apps even feature budgeting functions and help organize all your information in one spot.

Visit deal-of-the-day sites. Check out the many websites that specialize in “deals of the day” and other similar offers. You can find anything from appliances to skateboards, and the discounts are often substantial.

The gift of savings. Subscriptions to these sites offer coupons for anything from restaurant dinners to skydiving lessons at hard-to-beat prices. This simple gift keeps giving long after the holiday season is over.

Cash in on convenience. Grocery stores are carrying an ever wider variety of gift cards these days. You're bound to find something that would be appreciated by someone on your list.

Getting all your shopping done while still being able to spend some quality time with your little one is a cinch with a little thinking outside the gift box!

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life saver


Two words - Amazon Prime



great advice!


Dannie 1/6/2016

Awesome tips

thank u


Very intersting good to know info

Good idea

Mommy 12/30/2015

I'Ll remember this for next time! Thanks.

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