How to find a good babysitter

How to find a good babysitter

Are you interested in getting more time to yourself? We recommend starting or finding a babysitting co-op with other parents. Learn how a co-op works and how to start one.

To make connections in your community, and create more time for yourself, find or start a cooperative babysitting group with some other parents. You'll earn lots of babysitting time by caring for other co-op members' children. Plus, you'll have the added reassurance of knowing you're leaving your toddler with someone you can trust.

Here's how it works:

  • All co-op participants get tokens or certificates for the hours they put into caring for other members' kids.
  • You "pay" for your own babysitting needs by redeeming your tokens.

Babysitting co-ops can provide a modern-day substitute for the extended family. They're also a great source of support and security for many families. Research shows that a child's sense of her own competence gets a boost when her parents have lots of connections and regular contact with other adults. Just be sure that all co-op participants share similar philosophies on discipline and have the same basic expectations for care. 

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I really am glad I selected to have my baby signed up for daycare. I feel my oldest child benefitted from being in a social environment and learned from the other children. This really helps babies expand their social skills and learn from others.

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