Making friends with other moms

Making friends with other moms

If you're a new mom (or you're about to be!), it's a good idea to make friends with other moms or moms-to-be.

As much as you love your baby, there comes a time where every new mom craves adult company. Developing relationships with other new moms will not only help preserve your sanity, but could also provide easy opportunities for your little ones to socialize and play together.

Here's how to go about expanding your social circle:

Start early. Strike up conversations with women in your childbirth class or the mom-to-be you often see in the OB waiting room. You'll be raising babies of roughly the same age, and you can experience parenting milestones together.

Hit the gym. Going to mom-and-baby classes at the gym or exercise studio is a great way to meet other new moms in the area. Get to chatting while your tot crawls around and gets extra tired for his next nap – it's a win-win for you both!

Get onto the forums. If you find that it's difficult to meet people, groups with websites like and International MOMS Club ( can help connect you with other moms in your area. This way you can start your friendship online, and then meet face-to-face once you get to know each other.

Set up a play date. Enlist the help of your child's teacher or caretaker to introduce you to other moms. If your child has made friends in her class, ask the moms about getting together for a playdate. While the kids play, you can work on making new (adult) friends.

Be a playground regular. Aim to take your new baby to the park at least once a week. If you go around the same time on the same days, you're likely to run into some other new moms on the same schedule.

It's likely that your new mom friends' schedules are as hectic as yours, so don't worry too much if you don't get together as often. Maximize playdates by adding as many moms to your circle as possible.

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Finding mom groups is easy but finding friends that are similar to you and your kids and family is tough.


Sheri 9/21/2015

This is so true. But it is kind of funny how it feels like you are trying to hit on someone when trying to make a mom friend. "So, you come here often?" "Wow! You have such cute kids. What are there ages?" And so on. It's like every interaction with another mom is a potential beginning of a friendship, and you totally don't want to mess it up by making a bad first impression. 😊

Play date


We look forward to our play dates every week. Such a great thing for both my baby and me!

Mother Hen


Great advice, wonderful article. I do make conversations at appointment and have made friends that way. Also, volunteering is a great way to meet other Mothers and of course do not forget Church and Church Activities.

Moms club


I signed up for the moms club!!

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