Toddler activities: making your own greeting cards

Toddler activities: making your own greeting cards

Keen have your family-themed greeting cards stand out? These expert tips will keep your card from getting lost in the pile.

Instead of opting for the generic, stiff family photo in front of a backdrop, why not take your holiday cards to the next level? With these suggestions, you can create a card that captures attention with both its contents and aesthetics.

Take a good photo. You could go the professional route or take the photo yourself. You could even search through your own pictures to see if you can find one of a moment you'd like to share. The best photographs are ones that really convey the essence of what was happening, whether it was the first family dinner or the journey home from the hospital with your little one.

Write a meaningful message. Keep your messages short, simple and heartfelt. Wish a happy holiday, ask how they are, give them a quick update on how you're all doing and close with something personal. The recipient gets a glimpse into your life via the photo, but it's up to your words to deliver the message you want to convey.

Reflect who you actually are as a family. The photo is the first thing people see when they get your holiday card. If you're not known as the family sitting in front of a roaring fire with matching sweaters, there's no reason to try and make people think you are.

In the end, just the act of sending a greeting says a lot about you. Even if your picture isn't perfect and you don't have time to add a personal, handwritten anecdotes to each card, the gesture will be appreciated.

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cc 11/30/2015

good ideas


Ashley 11/29/2015

Good ideas!

Family Time

JaddyStar 9/25/2015

It's wonderful for parents to take the time to make homemade cards with their kids.

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